Oven & Grill Cleaner


Behold’s oven and grill rack cleaner will combat the toughest soil, removing heavily burnt-on grease and food. The fume-free cleaner is safe for self-cleaning ovens and requires no heat. 


  • Ovens
  • Oven Racks
  • Oven Doors
  • Grill Racks
  • Broilers
  • Broiler Pans

Ingredients: Water (solvent), diethylene glycol butyl ether (solvent), potassium carbonate (pH adjuster), n-butane (propellant), aluminum magnesium silicate (thickener), ethanolamine (detergent),  sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (emulsifier), triethanolamine (detergent), propane (propellant), citric acid (presevative)

From our customers

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